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Photos indicating how dire the situation in different regions of the country,

The following photos  are from Bay and Bakol regions of south state of Somalia : 

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Severe drought continues to worsen across in Bay and Bakol regions of south state of Somalia, due to the failure of three consecutive rainy seasons.
The deepening drought and acute water shortages have led to a massive influx of internally displaced households, losing all their livelihoods who then migrated to towns looking for support in all basic needs such shelter/NFI, food, water and medicine
The degree of resilience amongst IDPs is very low, saver acute malnutrition among the children and elderly people is very high, Women are especially vulnerable to GBV, particularly at night when visiting communal toilets and theft as shelters are unlockable for those who can get a shelter at all
Livestock are malnourished too, the ground supposed to be farmer’s land is deserted and dry, and the water catchments places are scorched.
Photos indicate how situation is critical which DBG shares for humanity to advocate for an immediate and longer term response to this induced famine

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