Rapid needs assessment report on Fistula as of 16-Aug-15

Obstetric fistula which includes both vesico vaginal (VVF) and recto-vaginal fistula
(RVF), represents critically important and largely neglected issue in the field of
reproductive health in Somalia
the country’s maternal mortality ratio stands at 1,044 deaths per 100,000 live births,
making it one of the highest in the world and contributes to raising the regional and
global averages for the indicator. Moreover, reproductive health situation analysis
conducted by UNFPA in early 2009 concluded that more than 90% of women deliver
at home as more than half are assisted by traditional birth attendants (TBAs).
The number of maternal deaths is highest in countries where women are least likely to
have access to a midwife, doctor or other trained professional during delivery which
at the end results to fistula. Vast majority of the girls and women services to repair
their condition remain unattainable for a number of reasons: their lack of knowledge
such a condition can be repaired; the distance they must travel to reach a facility that
provides treatment; the low likelihood which even if they can get to a facility, it will
offer fistula repair in its portfolio of services; their inability to pay for the services if
they are available; and the backlog with which facilities that do provide repairs are
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