Shelter/NFI and Protection

In situations of displacement, there is always loss of personal property, very often people flee with little more than the clothes they are wearing, Shelter and basic NFIs provide the bedrock of recovery from the shock of displacement and offer early relief from disaster, without this foundation, the chances of protecting basic human dignity are reduced, health is compromised, the ability to cope with poor nutrition is diminished

Somalia faces a serious crisis, enormous internal displacement and refugees’ returnees, DBG is on the forefront line of implementing sector programs to protect and support these individuals and encourage peace through nonviolent conflict resolution, 89,049 households were supported by DBG in the shelter and Nonfood items since 2004

DBG programs provide Shelter and settlements contributing to the security, safety, and well-being of both displaced and non-displaced affected populations and promote recovery and reconstruction where possible.

DBG has long experience in providing shelter for IDPs and the host community in the country and is dedicated to continuing to mobilize resources and funds for such essential support while constructing the following types of shelters.
Transitional Shelter

DBG sees the following thematic priorities for Somalia human rights protection

Combating impunity and strengthening accountability, the rule of law, and democratic societies with an emphasis on institution and capacity building

Protecting human rights in situations of violence and insecurity with a focus on the protection of civilians and internally displaced persons

Countering discrimination with a special focus on discrimination against women and ethnic minorities.

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